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Ramadan Schedule

August 6, 2010  
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Short Reminder -  Imam Basyouny ISB After Fajr
Halaqa – Quran ISB After Fajr
Masjid Open Until Duha (Sunrise Prayer) ISB
Iftar  – Throughout the week ISB After Maghrib
Tarawih: One Juzaa Daily ISBCC After Isha
Tarawih:Shortend Version ISB After Isha
Quran Reflection with Imam Basyouny ISBCC Saturday After Asr

Reflections  Between Tarawih prayers

Reflections After 4th Rakat @ ISB Daily
Reflections  with Imam Basyouny ISBCC Before ISHA

Last 10 Nights

Tahajud with Imam Basyouny and 2nd Qur’an Completion ISB 1:15am – Fajr
Light Suhoor Will be served ISB Before Fajr
In Search of Laylatul Qadr ISBCC Night of 27th

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