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  1. Hello:
    (I found your link on CNN)
    I am your everyday American with beliefs that edge more toward the center in reference to politics and religion. I neither wholeheartedly believe nor do reject that there is a god. I do not align myself with either the GOP or the Democrats.
    With the above having been said, I thank you for your press releases in regard to the recent happenings in your city. In an age when leaders hedge their answers to questions about current events, you have spoken well and openly. I find that refreshing.
    In a world where Western and eastern radicalism gets a large amount of press, I hope groups like yours step forward and reach out to more people. i do not feel we will all survive without it
    Once again thank you and may you be blessed

    Michael Walling
    rockport Texas

  2. Your kidding. You actually are concerned with what folks think? unless the media has it wrong, I have read that your mosque played a role in these pathetic losers becoming evil. They learned not to love one another, respect your fellow man, follow your “allah” or how to spread peace. Instead what they developed from the teachings at your mosque was how to hate Americans and how to turn on us. these boys had no friends because they choose to have no friends. Very sad to do this to two young lives that are forever damaged, not to mention the innocent victims who lost their lives. Fortunately this terrorist act only cost us 3 citizens. The jihad ideology is losing strength and it is just a matter of time that all terrorists are in hell. Forget the 72 virgins which is just comical to comprehend. how can anyone believe this? Furthermore, what about their wives here. The goal to kill and be with 72 virgins must make their wives feel worthless; but if they dare show their feelings, I guess they get axed. If only there were 72 male virgins for them. Wouldn’t that be fair?

    • Is religion the real issue in the mass murders that have occurred in the past year in America? Do we blame the religion of a suspect when he kills children in Newtown? Ex-cop Christopher Dorner and the LAPD? The Aurora movies theater shootings? The mass shooting that included Congresswoman Giffords? Now these individuals in Boston?

      All of these killers were individuals alienated from their societies. Long-term alienation of people with emotional difficulties and mental illnesses and easy access to semi-automatic and automatic weapons is the real problem. Why aren’t there more background checks and regulations to keep people from gaining access to these types of weapons?

      Why don’t we discuss the problem of alienation, depression and suicide? The role of poverty? It’s unsavory and more complex than blaming “Islam” (there’s a large difference by the way between a radical follower of Wahhabism and Islamist organizations that bomb mosques, Muslim schools and hospitals and your average faithful Muslim). The extremist is willing to kill all humans – including other Muslims! So it doesn’t make sense to blame ‘Islam’ as the person has done above.

      Thank you for the press release as it clarifies that the mosque is part of the greater Boston community. I am sorry that individuals like Beth Haney spew hatred and bigotry towards the community and have not realized that the ‘radicalization’ of those suspects had nothing to do with the mosque they attended only a few times in their lives. Reports indicate they lived their lives alienated from both mosques in the Boston area and the older brother traveled to Russia and turned to extremists on the internet instead when he returned. Before 2012 what was their relationship to Islam and Muslims? It seems to be non-existent.

    • What alarms me is the Islamic vow to KILL all of the Jews in the entire world. Even Adolph Hitler did not have a wish that big. When I see a woman in Islamic dress in one of the stores around here (Boston MA) I cringe with anger. I am so happy the FBI etc. is investigating the rotten mother of these dangerous Islamic nuts.

      However, I live near the Islamic Center in Cambridge. I hope and pray that they survive the country’s wrath, they look like very nice people. How ironic that Marathon Man was rushed to the Beth Israel Hospital to have his life and limb saved. Beth Israel Hospital is an ecumenical hospital that receives much support from the Jewish community.

  3. Thank you for releasing this. With islamophobia rampant in this country we need to see how beautiful Islam really is.

  4. Mohammed killed countless number of people in his quest for land, cattle, slaves, wealth, and power to unify the state of Arabia, over which he appointed himself a monarch. It does not surprise me that his Koran and the religion he started justifies killing as long as it is to help the muslim cause. Muslims think it is okay to kill Americans because America supports the nation of Israel after the Holocaust, at the perceived offense to Palestinians. Osama Bin Laden thought America’s involvement in Lebanon was a personal war against Muslims. I personally do not believe Islam is a religion of peace but was a religion borne out of violence. The concept of Jihad gives muslims psychological ammunition to kill infidels who are opposing muslims, much in the same way mohammed massacred Christians, Jews, Bedouins, African animalists, pagans, you name it, in creating Arabia.

  5. Hello,

    I am a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Benin West Africa and I hail from Boston. I once audited a class at Gordon-Conwell CUME in Dorchester, which was taught by several members of the Boston Interfaith Organization, with whom I see you are affiliated. Detailed news travels slowly over here, so even though I knew about the Boston Bombing in April, I only became aware of the details shared above very recently.

    Though this note comes to you very late, I just wanted to say that I am sure the last months have not been easy. I am sure that in addition to coping with this tragedy, you have had to deal with some ignorance and some misplaced anger. Some one once said of being a Peace Corps volunteer that you must eat patience and drink patience, and I suspect that that necessity is familiar for you.

    So, I just wanted to extend my condolences for the difficult time. I wanted to apologize, if I can, for hateful things that have been said to you. I wanted to thank the person that spoke highly of Martin Luther King Jr. He is one of my heroes. I hope as a city we can all get better at working and sharing together with more respect and understanding.

    Benin, West Africa

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